Lavendel in je Eigen Tuin: Een Stukje Frankrijk in Nederland

Lavender in your Own Garden: A Piece of France in the Netherlands

There is something magical about growing lavender in your own garden. These beautiful purple flowers not only add color and fragrance, but also bring a piece of Provence to your own backyard.

In France, particularly Provence, lavender spreads across rolling hills and fields, where it grows in abundance thanks to the warm climate and calcareous soil. French lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is known for its intensive fragrance and high quality essential oil, perfect for perfume and aromatherapy. France's lavender fields usually bloom from June to August, attracting thousands of tourists every year who come to enjoy the breathtaking views and wonderful scent.

Dutch lavender, on the other hand, although just as beautiful, has to deal with a different climate and soil type. Summers are cooler and wetter, which means lavender grows a little differently here. Lavender in the Netherlands, often the same species Lavandula angustifolia, thrives in well-drained soil and sunny spots, but sometimes requires extra care to prevent the roots from becoming too wet. It helps to plant lavender on raised beds or in pots to improve drainage.

Still, with the right care and attention, even in the Netherlands you can enjoy lush lavender bushes that not only beautify your garden, but also attract bees and butterflies. So why not create a piece of Provence in your own backyard? Plant lavender, enjoy the soothing scent, and dream of the sunny, purple fields of France.

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