Verwen je zintuigen met onze lavendelzakjes

Pamper your senses with our lavender sachets

At Vandiencashmere we believe in the art of creating a world full of luxury, comfort and timeless beauty. Our lavender scented sachets are no exception to this philosophy. They offer a subtle, sophisticated way to enhance your wardrobe, drawers and spaces with the soothing scent of lavender. 

Little Miracles of Lavender 

Our mini lavender scented sachets, available in three beautiful colors - royal blue, dark purple and lilac - are little wonders in a sachet. Each package contains 10 organza bags with 3 grams of dried lavender flowers of the highest quality. The lavender is organically grown in the south of France. The delicate scent of lavender has a calming effect and creates an ambiance of relaxation and freshness wherever you want. Place them in your wardrobe, drawers or handbag for a touch of luxury in your everyday life. 

The Enchantment of Lavender in a Larger Size 

For those who want to enjoy the soothing power of lavender even more, we also have larger lavender scented sachets available. Each set contains 5 generous sachets, each containing 9 grams of fragrant lavender. These are not just any scented sachets; these are the enchantment of lavender in a larger format. 

A Mini Fragrance Bag, as an extra 

But there's more! Whether you choose our set of 10 mini lavender scented sachets, or the package of 5 larger scented sachets, you will always receive a little extra from us: a mini lavender scented sachet. A sweet gift from us to you, to share the magic of lavender with you. 

More than just scent 

Our lavender scented sachets offer more than just a pleasant scent. Lavender is known for its natural effect against moths and pests. Place them in your wardrobe and protect your favorite clothes from unwanted guests, while enjoying the soothing scent. 

Choose Vandiencashmere's lavender scented sachets and pamper your senses with a touch of luxury. Our bags fit seamlessly with our pursuit of affordable quality and timeless beauty. In our webshop and discover the magic of our lavender scented sachets - where simple elegance and well-being come together. 

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