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Anti-moth, cedar sticks

Anti-moth, cedar sticks

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5 cedar sticks on a string. You can hang them in your wardrobe, place them between your clothes or put them in your pockets. Due to its sturdy appearance, it is also nice to hang it to prevent unpleasant odors and insects. Size is 10-2 cm, this is a perfect size for this natural product to do its job properly.

Cedarwood is a natural product that keeps moths and insects at bay (from beautiful woolen clothing). It absorbs moisture and bad odors (also from shoes) and emits a natural and pleasant scent.

•Easy to use in any wardrobe
•Because cedar wood absorbs moisture, it reduces any mold
•Reduces unpleasant odors and emits a pleasant scent
•Not treated with chemicals
•Environmentally friendly
•If necessary, lightly sand after 6 months to reactivate the scent release
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