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Cloud comb / pill comb

Cloud comb / pill comb

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  • Long-lasting fluff and hair remover/lint remover
    Fluff remover that is also suitable for removing pet hair from furniture. By carefully stroking the wide copper edge over the fabric, you draw the hair into the comb. You can of course use the lint remover in various ways to remove dust, loose threads and crumbs. For example, you can neatly remove your pet's hair from furniture and blankets, but you can also wipe your wool coat with the lint remover to prevent loose hair or fluff on your coat.
  • Fluff and hair remover can be used for multiple purposes. In addition, the lint remover, like our wool comb, is of course suitable for depilling woolen sweaters, scarves, etc. Keep in mind that the 'wool comb' from vandiencashmere is more suitable for finer and/or more loosely knitted fabrics. wool types. The Vandiencashmere fluff remover is best used for slightly firmer wool types and surfaces.
  • Easy in use
    Gently wipe the surface and remove the lint, loose dust and hair!
  • Good material
    The wooden handle makes it easy to gently stroke the surface with the copper head. The fluff, dust and hair that remain behind can be removed very easily and the fluff remover can then be reused immediately.
  • Quality Through years of cooperation with our manufacturer, we receive the best quality. Good wooden handles and beautifully 'ribbed' copper edges. Everything to let you benefit from your purchase for as long as possible!

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